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Winter - A Time for Reflection

Setting Intention

The cycles of the four seasons are essential for the earth and for our own spiritual growth. The winter especially is a powerful time for growth as it provides an opportunity to retreat and go inward. Much of what we work on in the winter, sets the intentions for the remainder of the year. Use this time to set your intention to live life more fully, with greater peace, clarity and spirituality.

The body slows down during the winter and it is time to really listen to yourself. We can also unwillingly welcome dis-ease into the body when we try to push or avoid ourselves during this important time of the year. Beginning a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga or Yoga Nidra, offers practitioners the opportunity to become more reflective and meditative during this quiet season.

Clearing Out

Seasonal changes offer us an opportunity to clean out what is no longer serving us. Whether we declutter our living spaces, switch positive habits for old negative ones or donate clothes to a charitable organization, using the seasons as a reminder to reaffirm who who we are in this lifetime, and re-commit to living a life of truth.

Kundalini Yoga practice can be thought of as a technique to help clear away clutter and access your greater self. The practice can help us to cleanse our mind.


Winter is the time of rest, retreat and rejuvenation.. In nature winter is a time of stillness and quiet. The peace and quiet of winter is a wonderful time for inner reflection and contemplation. Beginning a practice that includes meditation offers the change to live life with greater awareness and intention.

By balancing our energy, and calming our minds, we become able to act with purpose rather than react to the world around us.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is part of Kundalini yoga and is meant to move energy through the body. It is based on the concept that energy at the base of the spine (also known as the root chakra) needs to be released through the seven chakras of the body and then out through the crown chakra above the head.

This process of releasing energy from the body has the purpose of creating a system of communication between your mind and body to relieve mental, physical, and spiritual issues. This system of bringing awareness to your body by connecting with your breath is intended to facilitate being present, establishing a new rhythm, and communicating with a higher version of yourself.

Sat Nam, Marni

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Winter - A Time for Reflection