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Experience Hiking and Meditation with Marni Yoga


Why a hiking page on a yoga site?  When the pandemic first hit, in 2020, and the world went into lockdown, my intuition led me to nature.  Spending time among the trees or watching the ocean has  helped me find peace and the space to relax and listen to my inner self. 

When we stand with our feet rooted on the earth and our heads in the trees separation between us and the auspicious world around us drops away.  In nature, there is no judgement, no expectations.  In nature, whether walking, climbing, meditating or practicing yoga we are able to be totally present to beauty.  

I have read many articles that explain the healing power of nature and how spending time in nature encourages our bodies inherent ability to heal itself.  The quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and fresh clean air all help bring a sense of well being, groundedness and calm.  

Achieving sobriety over the past 10 years is one of my proudest accomplishments.  Spending time in nature played an important role in my ability to move through the stages of early sobriety.  The process of self reflection and self knowledge that came with being in nature now provides me with tools  to continue on this path.   People say that sobriety is like peeling an onion. Allowing the layers of feelings, emotions, sorrows and regrets that often come with addiction can be hard and scary work.  Finding ways to remain peaceful and continue walking a difficult path was crucial to my recovery.  Nature played a huge role in that. 

I find similarities between putting myself in nature and practicing yoga.  For me, yoga has also offered me a sense of peace and calm and a place to be quiet and self reflective.  This is how I feel when I spend time hiking in the mountains or walking at the beach.   The change of scenery, the sounds and smells, the beauty of nature, immediately sooth my soul.

Mindfulness and meditation are direct benefits of hiking for me.  The moment I see the trail and begin to experience nature with all five of my senses, I am transported to a place of serenity.  Nature is a place where I am able to focus entirely on the next step, the next breath as I relax and become present in each moment.  

I offer individual and group hikes to bring serenity and healing into participant’s lives. To learn more about Marni Yoga hikes, email


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Experience Hiking and Meditation with Marni Yoga