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Yoga Recovery Online Classes - Get Rid of Addiction with Marni Yoga


“A hole in the soul” is how I’ve heard addiction described.  Sufferers of substance and alcohol abuse disorder or those with food and other addictions struggle with an emptiness that can’t be filled and the sufferer is driven to try filling this “hole in the soul” with things they hope will help them escape the pain.  

When I was struggling with addiction issues, I felt as though, my world had become very small and my life had no importance.  The idea of giving up the addictive behaviors was unimaginable to me and I had no idea of how I would get through life without my addiction by my side.  I had no hope that I might recover.  Slowly, with the help of good sponsorship, working a program and practicing yoga, meditation and spending time in nature, I began to emerge from the darkness. 

It is undeniable that addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental and addiction related disorders are an epidemic and the number of people suffering has only increased due to the pandemic.  A sense of uncertainty and insecurity has given way to feelings of hopelessness.  Many resort to self destructive behaviors to ease their pain, making matters far worse.  But there is a solution. 

Building a “toolbox” of practices that encourage a sense of well being and peace, can assist with replacing destrucitve behaviors with healthier habits.  Habits like spending time in nature, walking, hiking, practicing yoga and meditation slowly build a pattern of healthier and less destructive choices. 

Using these tools, coupled with participation in a 12 step or other recovery program, working with a licensed professional and engaging in other healing, recovery and treatment programs, can bring people from despair. 

Many recovery programs invite a person to take a look at their life. They are asked to make changes and to discontinue negative behaviors, thoughts and actions. However, the behaviors are often so deeply ingrained in the person’s subconscious that talk alone cannot get to the core. Through movement, breath and chanting, Kundalini Yoga helps people go deeper into their center to excavate root causes, assisting them on their journey of self-discovery and healing, releasing childhood anger, past karma, negative patterning and addictive behaviors while establishing new, healthier choices. 

Often called the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation consists of specifically designed, repetitive movements, different eye foci, hand mudras (positions), breathing exercises, use of sound, and meditation called Kriyas. These exercises and meditations are the keys that can allow us to open to the core of our being, thereby gaining self-acceptance and self-love. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can benefit anyone who is experiencing anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviors by offering healthy alternative to handle stress, anxiety and depression.  You will be given tools that can be used throughout the day to help keep you centered, connected and calm.  Give yourself this gift of relaxing your mind, body and soul.

If you would like to get more information about how Marni Yoga can assist you in your recovery journey, please, get in touch with us.


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Yoga Recovery Online Classes - Get Rid of Addiction with Marni Yoga