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Infinite Possibilities!

It’s been a while since my last letter and so many wondrous events have taken place.

In early December I attended my first Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weeklong advanced retreat. This was one of the most positive and life changing experiences I have had yet. I have been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for close to ten years and what this event gave me was the in-depth science behind everything we do.  I learned and saw first hand the incredible power of the mind and body to heal and transform our lives. Using the breath to raise the energy into the brain can activate the pineal gland to release healing and elevating chemicals and induce a Gamma Brain wave state to experience enlightened consciousness. There is more to be shared about this science and its impact. Please join me in class to explore and experience first hand the incredible benefits of intentionally raising our vibration. 


On that note… many changes have been made to my class schedule. 
I currently still teach Kundalini Yoga on zoom Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 8a EST 



Wednesdays at 8:30am has been an absolute dream come true teaching at the rockin BuddhaJams in Glen Cove, NY. This space is massive amounts of bliss and connection. So grateful to Jason’s big heart and expansive mind for creating this venue and welcoming Kundalini Yoga.  


Thursday at 8:30am in the sweet and serene Commune In Port Washington NY. Nothing beats the fierceness of Port Washington Pride and being in the community here has been a dream come true. Thank you to Cari for her vision and mission to serve! 

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Sunday at 9am at The Rooftop at Pod Spa and Wellness is not to be missed. This space is clean and fresh with an outdoor beckoning for the days of summer just around the corner. Oh- the Symphonic Gong is heaven on earth!! Grateful for Stacey’s big and welcoming heart Register @:
And just added- Sundays at 11:30am at the heavenly Moon Goddess Studio in Huntington, NY. This Etheric space is lined with crystal infused marbleized floors surrounded by purple cave cabinetry and heavenly lit trees. The energy in this space is pulsating! Alycia is a true artist and creative 


Being able to teach yoga while raising my 2 teenagers and work a part time corporate job has been such a blessing- bringing balance to my organized chaos. Being on the mat is truly my happy place and teaching connects me to the unified field of consciousness where we are all one, infinite, pure love, light and bliss. Once we experience this in our lives we know deep down there is nothing to fear. We can reach and connect to the stars. We know we the stars; we are surrounded in love always. 
I look forward to being with you. 
From my heart ♥️ to yours ♥️,



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Infinite Possibilities!