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Living in Harmony with the Seasons

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So many changes come with September, which brings with it the Autumn Equinox.  On September 22 this year, the Sun will cross the Celestial Equator marking the passage from summer into fall.  The Equinox brings with it our opportunity to say goodbye to the old and joyously bring in the new.  New school years, new seasons, new routines.  Our desire to welcome and embrace life, and with it, the new seasons, is our chance to harness the power of Mother Nature and the grandness and beauty of fall.  Adding a Kundalini Yoga class to your day brings a sense of peace and contentment. 

While for some, the arrival of September and the Fall season brings feelings of sadness, fall can also represent the shedding of what no longer serves us.  Regulating disharmony and bringing our bodies into balance is one of the benefits of a regular Kundalini practice.  We want to bring our minds and bodies into a fluid, functional state of balance that shifts with the changing seasons and stages of life.  

Adding positivity and mindfulness to our daily routines is a core foundation of the Kundalini Practice and this is the perfect time to transition to a more positive daily routine.  As with any transition, our feelings can be in conflict and our bodies may feel the effects of change.  Take the time and build in some new routines.

Use Positive Affirmations

Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, we could all do with some positivity in our lives. Why not get started by using positive affirmations in your everyday life? You can create your own or use some radical self-care quotes to get started.  You can try using some of these or write your own:

I am a channel of peace and well-being – my need for peace is abundantly met.

I am aware of all the beauty that is around me.

I feel grateful for all of the abundance that flows into my life

Clear Your Mind

Feeling overwhelmed or under pressure? Taking a moment to clear your mind is the answer. Luckily enough, there are many meditations that allow you to take a few moments to yourself and engage in this soothing and relaxing practice.

A regular meditative yoga practice can also help you develop the habits you need to flow through your days with ease.  

Eat Healthy Meals

The Fall Equinox is the perfect time to start adopting healthier habits. One place you may want to start is by lovingly preparing warm, inviting and healthful foods. Learn a couple of basic recipes, which will become your staples. Use them whenever you need something tasty and nutritious.

Rid Yourself of Negativity

Negative feelings are dangerous to our emotional well-being. Now that the fall season is here, welcome it by ridding yourself of these toxic emotions. You may want to start with a breathing technique that helps you banish these feelings and instill a level of calm.

Continue your practice in the new season!

Want to know more about Kundalini Yoga and Marni Yoga?  Visit Marni Yoga for more information on the benefits of Kundalini and Yoga Nidra.  

Sat Nam, Marni

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Living in Harmony with the Seasons