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Living Harmoniously

living harmoniously

February, the best time to think about living harmoniously in relationship while balancing our needs with those of our partner. Our focus will shift and bring into focus our karmic responsibilities when considering how we hold ourselves in relationship to others. Whether your primary relationships are with spouses, partners, children or family members, finding harmony in relationships brings peace and joy to ourselves and those around us.

For some of us, finding harmony in relationship this month may be challenging, but remember that our perception is challenges and the tools we use in our everyday life have the power to change how our bodies and minds face challenging experiences.

February will begin with a New Moon in Aquarius with Mars in Jupiter. This fresh start is imbued with spiritual meaning, ushering in a fresh beginning. This month may bring a clean slate or second chance in relationships or the need to commit to something new. Approaching February’s reputation for love and belonging is the perfect time to go inward and focus on how we hold ourselves in relation to others. During New Moon it is important to release limitations and focus on what we’d like to achieve.

This month will also bring a strong desire for independence and a willingness to fight for our individual passions. Finding harmonious balance amidst a thirst for independence, is challenging for some, but with thoughtful consideration, practices like yoga and meditation can help us find ways to enjoy our ambitions while nurturing those we love.

A time of transition, this February may usher in your desire to bring something uncommon or extraordinary into your life. Consider ways to take concrete steps toward revitalizing your life and the relationships in your life that feed your soul. Surround yourself with people who bring joy, passion, peace and love to your days and move away from those who seem unable to contribute to your heart’s desire.

Relishing the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and meditation balance the elements and chakras of your body while regulating subtle body energies. Bringing a daily practice of breathing meditations and internal focus will help to bring peace and harmony into your life and in turn, your important relationships.

Taking time to focus on yourself and the well being of your body, mind and soul, even for just minutes a day, offers the opportunity to transform your life, providing stability, peace and calm, regardless of the challenges being faced.

finding harmony in relationship

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Living Harmoniously