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Kundalini Energy Rising

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In every human being there is source of divine energy called kundalini which mainly remains in dormant state in the individual. When kundalini energy arises and awakens the seeker, the spirituality of the practitioner grows.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga, which includes Kriyas (similar to yoga postures) is closely associated to the movement of the planets and celestial bodies which exert astrological vibrations upon our physical body. These vibrations influence our personality and spirituality. In a layman language we can say that at subconscious level the solar system is our larger body and the human body acts as a miniature solar system.

According to Indian astrology the essence of soul is influenced by the placement and power of Sun in the horoscope. Moon affects the mind, Mars influences the blood, Mercury affects speech and intellect, Jupiter denotes knowledge, Venus linked with harmony and Saturn is the agent of mysterious experiences in the life.

As we close 2021, we will continue to experience ongoing change in our personal and societal structures. Deepening the ways we reshape our lives will take on more importance. December is a time to go inward embracing the unique blend of Kunalini yoga’s breathing, movement, stretching, inner focus and meditation. Kundalini Kriya’s this month can be expected to help us as the roots of our desires are stirred up. Venus will spend the entire month in proximity with Pluto in Capricorn. Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and harmony, will be retrograde from Dec. 19 to Jan. 29. Backspinning Venus can test relationships and disturb the peace.

Relaxing into the meditative postures of yogic practice will help us maintain balance through any disturbance of disharmony that results and allow us to enjoy the peace and joy of the holiday season.

As we will also experience the final exact square aspect between Saturn and Uranus on December 23, we will need to shed whatever has become inauthentic and embrace the possibility of liberating ourselves from old restrictions. By using the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga, we will cleanse our bodies and our consciousness, shedding the layer of who we are not so that we may come back to who we truly are, restoring our minds to authenticity and freedom.

The entrance of Jupiter into Pisces on December 28 will serve as a beacon of light that can guide us toward the expansive potential available as 2021 draws to a close.

Sat Nam, Marni

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Kundalini Energy Rising